OUT NOW! LOIS LANE – D MINOR EP. our first official tias release (after the ww compilations). styles and influences from melancholic Techno to dynamic IDM in a appealing three track EP. exclusively on here and including a Remix by Mr. Statik of BPitch Control Records Berlin.

symbolic price / high quality download (320kb mp3 files / 70mb) incl. printable cover artwork / tanzen ist auch sport

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Lois Lane – Brunecks finest sound constructor named his musical Alter Ego after Supermans curious girlfriend. His Tracks and his sets are filled with a certain melancholy and don’t scratch the surface, but crawl deep under your skin. As producer he uses various samples and recordings he created by himself, in order to alienate, until the source material can’t be recognized anymore. Lois Lane understands his music from an atmospheric point of view, putting genres in the background to evolve new dynamics. This can be seen and heard in his livesets. Since 2010 he’s part of the wupwup-collective, which stands for an international approach to subculture on a high level.

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